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Anonymous User
Subject: filter blowing sand into pool
HELP i changed the sand in my filter and now it is blowing sand and anything else that is in the filter back into the pool at the rate of 1 cup every six hours. i have backwashed and i also removed about 50 lbs of sand (there is now ~250 lbs in it. driving me crazy. ) i have run out of ideas.

Posted:  6/17/2007 7:18 PM #15326
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broken standing pipe, cracked lateral, new sand too small than needed so it pressed through the lateral hole?

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Anonymous User
what are you calling a standing pipe. and lateral hole? we had all of the exterior pvc replaced and i think that this is the same silica that we have always used.

Posted:  6/17/2007 11:47 PM #15328
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hayward sand filter

check out the filter picture, #6 is the pipe, #8 is the lateral. there are little tiny holes on the lateral for filtered water flowing back to the pool through the stand pipe. and silica has different size, if you use a smaller size of sand, they will be pushed back to the pool through the lateral hole.

Posted:  6/18/2007 3:23 AM #15329
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i don't have an answer to your problem but maybe someone can help us both. i live in an area where due to weather in general there's not many pool care resources available so i'm wondering what the actual exact sand should be put in a sand filter/like a # or exact kind since the people at the sand/gravel places around here would propbably meet me with a blank stare if I asked then what to put in a pool sand filter.

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Sand filters require special sand. To my knowledge, it has to be purchased at a pool store. The type of sand and amount required should be marked on the filter.
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The sand doesn't have to be boughten from a pool store.

2 things that will happen when you buy from a pool store.
1: You will pay a high price from the sand
2: It will be washed. (good thing)

The sand you should look for should be about .45 -.55 mm
I buy from a Chemical supplier so my price is about 8 bucks per 50lbs.

You can buy it from the hardware store if you like, But you will need to rinse the sand
Other places to look would be a concrete company, Call them and ask them for some silica sand .45 - .55 mm. Also ask them if it's washed. They will probably have it cheap. Our local concrete company does.

Another note about your filter. You may need to put gravel in the bottom of your filter. Mine doesn't have any gravel. I have a 24 inch Baker Hydro (Yeah I know, I didn't buy it)

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Anonymous User
now some interesting points. bought the sand/silica from pool place that installed the pool. (50 lbs for $7.00) i did check the laterals and they are not plugged up with sand. i assume the little slits should be facing down. how do i find out if if the standing pipe is cracked. should i empty out the filter again and start over again, putting gravel in the bottem and what size gravel are we talking here.

thanks for the picture, makes more sense when you can see it that way. my filter is a hayward but much much much older than that. water enters from the side and exits the multi valve that is mounted off to the side above.


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