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Posted:  12/19/2007 12:01 PM #19431
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Subject: Wife + dog + pool = hilarious
This one was from right out of a movie. My wife was washing off the pool area and watering some plants we have around as landscape with the hose. Our golden lab just came back from a walk with my daughter and still had his leash on. Sure enough, the dog's leash got wrapped around her ankles and in the pool she went. I was fortunate enough to watch the whole thing from the kitchen, and thankfully the only damage was some wet clothes and a severely bruised ego.

I wish I had pictures or a video to share.

Posted:  2/27/2008 3:15 PM #19432
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haha, funny. Anything with pets and swimming pools makes me laugh.

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Posted:  8/2/2011 12:10 PM #25421
United States
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LOOOOL! I wish you had a picture or video to share too! I just have to ask, what breed of dog do you have? He/she must be pretty good sized-- or very clever-- to have so suddenly yanked your wife into the water.

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