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Posted:  5/28/2008 8:43 AM #20746
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Subject: Solar Blankets yes? no? Liquid Blankets yes? no?
I am putting up a pool, a relatively small one, for my 9 yr old grandson, coming from out of town/state (Oklahoma City) for the summer. It's a 10'x 30", under a huge pine type tree. It's a big shade canape, but lots of needles.

We live in the Pacific Northwest (Olympia WA), and it gets cool at night. I want to get a solar blanket and/or get the liquid blanket.

What's the best type and best place to purchase?

I thought of E-Bay, but the blanket would be heavy and shipping would off-set the cost saving from buying locally.

Does anyone know of a good source on-line with no shipping charges?

Can I get some advice from cyber land? Please....

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Posted:  6/24/2008 10:45 AM #20747
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When I needed a new liner last year I did a google search and found one that would ship for free with just a $9.95 handling fee. I ended up getting the liner at closeout price and then with the free shipping it was economical. Try doing a search and see what results you end up with.

Also, check out our host and see what their shipping and handling costs are.
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Posted:  7/5/2008 6:03 AM #20748
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If you haven't ordered it yet, solarcover.com has good prices and free shipping.

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