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Subject: various stages of the filter
I have a paper "label" on the top of my filter that indicates where the "backwash" is or where the "rinse" feature is located, etc., but it is slowly eroding from exposure to sun , etc. and I can't see half of what is printed on it. Can anyone direct me to a Web site or a page that would have a disgram or picture of the various cycles that are on a filter?


Posted:  5/29/2008 6:03 PM #20797
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if all you need is an example of what options would be on a filter, then go to the hayward site and look at one of their pdf's for a filter. This would tell you. e.g. filter, recirculate, winterize, waste, rinse,backwash are most of them. then you could get a labeller and label it yourself.

hope this helps.

http://www.haywardcanada.com/inground/pro ducts/manuals.cfm#FiltersSand


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