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Posted:  5/31/2008 11:12 AM #20857
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Subject: Test Kit from Wal-mart???
Hello. Im new here and a new pool owner. We bought one of those little above ground pools from Wal-Mart. It was our first purchase of a pool and we wanted to try something small until we get the hang of taking care of it before jumping in and buying a bigger pool. Anyhoo, I bought one of those little test kits at Wal-mart to test the PH and Chlorine and Bromine in the water. I have NO CLUE as to how to use the thing. Or if they even work? You are suppose to add the pool water from at least 18 inches deep and then 5 drops of the solution in the proper vial. But I dont know how much water I am suppose to add to these little test vials and what exactly I am suppose to be looking for. What color should my pool water be? Ive been adding chemincals to it and it is crystal clear and I can see the bottom. So is that how its suppose to look? Or should it be blue?

Posted:  5/31/2008 6:33 PM #20858
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The vials have a thin line near the top that indicates where the water level should be.

The water should be clear.

Posted:  6/27/2008 3:31 PM #20859
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I use the walmart test kits as well. Just stay away from the test strips. They may be convenient but they are wildly inaccurate. Pay close attention to the chlorine levels and the PH. If in doubt take a 16 fluid ounce sample of the pool water to a pool store. They normally test it for free and then recommend chemicals needed.
18ft above ground, 7600 gallons, Hayward Easy Clear 55 sq. ft. cartridge filter, 1hp Hayward Powerflo LX pump, North Texas

Posted:  7/7/2008 3:36 PM #20860
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Blue water??? I would be absolutely terrified to go into any pool that had blue water or any other color for that matter!

Posted:  8/25/2008 7:10 PM #20861
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Forget anything from ChinaMart. Junk. Spend 60-85 dollars and buy a good pool test kit from Taylor Technologies. I did
and I saved a couple of hundred of dollars this year in chemicals. And I know so much more about water chemistry and
never had a problem with algae or anything. Best money I ever spent. Forget taking a water sample to your pool center.
They are in the business of selling chemicals and they sure made money off me for two years until I got some smarts.
Its not hard to learn and Taylor puts a waterproof book in the test kit and explains it all in simple language. If you know
english you will do well. If you are an illegal alien then learn english and then buy the test kit from Taylor and then go back
to mexico and test pools there.



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