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Posted:  6/17/2008 1:35 PM #21471
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Subject: CAT Troubles
this is a bizzare experience I'm having,. I get a cat that wanders into the pool room and gets trapped in there. I have seen the crap around the pool occasionally. I went to Hawaii for a couple of weeks and he managed to crap on my pool cover like up to 2'on the inside. I can't figure out how he got it out there. Took off the cover and washed it outside but that just brought in more dirt. I am at a loss as how to solve this since I have never seen the culprit. I am leaving the door open for today but that is usually how he gets in.

commercial 96 degree watsu pool
13'round louisville indoor
vinyl fully decked
Pentair MiniMax NT 400K heater
Pentair CC2000 filter
whisperflo WFE-4 pump 1hp
autopilot digital SWG
mecomatic pump
chemtrol 250 automation system
carefree clearwater 1200 ion generator
as back up
hoyer lift
wheelchair ramp and shower

Posted:  6/17/2008 5:15 PM #21472
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Have you tried to call your local animal shelter?

I once had a cat problem and the my local shelter had no problem helping us out by bringing live traps until they were all caught.

Whatever you do, DO NOT FEED IT!

Posted:  12/14/2016 2:08 AM #26575
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Maybe he just needs a new home? Poor cat! lol!
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