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Posted:  7/8/2008 8:22 AM #22043
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Subject: Solar / Attic Heater
This might be a stupid idea...but heck you never know until you ask right?

Anyway.. I want to find an inexpensive way to get my pool a few degrees warmer (without using solar fish). I dont need it to be 80 degrees. I would love it to be around 76-78 all the time in season. Right now it fluctuates between 71 and 76.

My pool is directly next to my barn. My pool filter is actually in a corner of my barn. My wacky idea is to take a 100'roll of 1/2" heavy wall black poly tubing and set it up in the attic of the barn. The attic of the barn reaches temps in the 90-110 degrees reguarly. So I thought to tap off my line going back to the pool and divert some of the water up and through this coil and back to the pool.

Would this make any difference? Or would it just make a condensation mess in the attic of the barn? Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Posted:  7/8/2008 10:10 AM #22044
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Check out the Solar Attic pool heater at www.solarattic.com. Their concept is essentially a car radiator on steroids with a fan blowing through it. Claims to cool the attic as well as heating the pool. I'd think for maximum heat transfer you'd have to use a fan since the black poly isn't a great heat conductor.

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