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Posted:  8/25/2008 6:50 PM #22861
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Its about that time to cover the pool for the year but let me tell you about my experiences and they are not good.
Have a 24'above ground with deck and pool is about 3" above the deck. Had it for three years. First year we
had no problems uncovering the regular winter cover.

Second year we discovered upon taking the cover off in
the spring that a squirrel had gotten into it during the previous fall and by the time we were opening the pool it had
slowly fallen apart and entrails were floating around the pool along with his other body parts.

Third year we were suctioning off all the dirty water on the top of the pool cover and there must have been 40 gallons of this green stinky
mess only to discover that at some point a small branch from a tree had landed like a missile and punctured the cover
and taking off the cover saw the darkest green slime ever seen in my three years with this pool. We had to drain the
water because I did not want to swim in that mess no matter how clean it got with chemicals. POOLS SUCK!

Now I am thinking of a Mesh Safety Cover. But like I said earlier the pool is about 3" higher than my wooden deck.
Does anyone have any experience with these and above ground pools. I saw the one picture of a baby elephant
standing on one of these and I thought "Yeah Right. Give me a break". LOL



Posted:  8/26/2008 5:31 AM #22862
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I've been on my Loop-Loc, and while it isn't easy to walk on, I have no doubt it would hold a baby elephant. The 3 inch height difference would probably be an issue with anchoring it to the deck, but you might be able to go to the railing or over the edge of the deck and make it work.

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