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Posted:  3/9/2009 3:20 AM #23685
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Subject: how goods your pool cleaner ?
well after 15 years in this industry i have seen some absolute crackers...... one that really sticks to mind is

i received a call one day recently from someone visiting our website, enquiring on robotic cleaners, their opening line was "how good are your pool cleaners" they sounded quite genuine and wanted to arrange a demo, as they lived nearby to me, i dropped in with a nice new Dolphin on my way home and met the home owner out front... on the way out to the pool i began with the usual sales pitch...................... until i saw the swimming pool, or rather , where i thought the pool was.

think knee high grass in patches, and a swimming pool so green that it was imposible to tell where the lawn finished and the pool began, it was the greenest pool i have seen in my life (and as a specialty chemical seller - i have seen quite a few). The house had been vacant for nearly 6 months over summer.

The owner asked how long i thought it would take for the robot to get his pool clear ? i had to politly tell him that there was no was i would poison the dolphin by putting it in his pool, and while the cleaners are the best available, nothing was going to fix that. I suggested draining and waterblasting the pool to remove the alage stains whcih i was pretty sure he would have.......

Upon hearing this suggestion the owner agreed with me that it would be a good idea.......... because when the pool was empty he would be able to get his lawnmower out !!!

He then pointed out the mowing track and where it finished at the edge of the pool, apparenty the native grass we have here had grown so saf over the top of the pool that they mowed a little bit too far, oncxe the lawnmower went in, it was a case of letting it go, or following it in, he chose the first option, so on top of the pool being thick green, it also had a lawnmower setting in the deep ending leaking oil and fuel.

After doubling over laughing, i did manage to contain myself, and pass on the card of a service customer of mine, who did manage to sell the owner a dolphin once the pool was clean

Posted:  3/9/2009 10:42 AM #23686
Admin Andy
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AWESOME. Back in the old days, I used to run the commercial drain and clean pool crew for the largest service company in the D.C. area. Needless to say, we pulled more stuff out of pools in the spring than you could imagine. Not only were the regular tires, chairs, bikes and rocks, but there were also some unusual surprises. A deer. A lawnmower. 15 cinder blocks. Car motor. LOTS of unfortunate animals. And, the topper. A stolen Harley Davidson motorcycle. What a waste!! One time, someone went to the trouble of disassembling most of the playground equipment, and threw it over the fence into the pool. Some pieces weighed 100 pounds.
Just amazing.

Posted:  9/18/2013 12:36 PM #26178
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our pool cleaner and his way of cleaning is very good.he enjoys his work so do well.
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