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Posted:  1/20/2012 6:05 AM #25593
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Subject: Platinum probes vs gold probes
I have recently encountered a problem.

I have a swimming pool which is disinfected with salt electrolysis.
However, the controller (of a rather major manufacturer) which shows the levels of Ph and Cl,

has a platinum electrode. I was told that because of the electorlysis, the by-product H2
is preventing the electrode of showing the right indications.

Is this right? Because the H2 levels are rather low.
Could it be that the platinum probe can only be used with certain systems of disinfection?

Is there a difference between a gold and a platinum probe?

I would appreciate any response

Posted:  1/20/2012 2:51 PM #25595
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Gold tipped are for Salt Generated Chlorine pools…Platinum for standard chlorinated pools. I believe this is the cause of the skewed indications.

[Edited on 1/20/2012]

Posted:  1/21/2012 10:18 AM #25597
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Confirming what is stated above by Lifeguard...you must use the Gold tipped probe/sensors if the pool is on a Salt generated system for chlorination...as per manufacture

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