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Posted:  8/25/2013 3:43 PM #26166
mesa, az
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Subject: too much dead algae on floor of pool
In April I did an acid wash and was stupid and didn't start it up right...since then have been FIGHTING algae and green pool, didn't even get to use pool this year! I did the Green to Clean and can now at least see the bottom, so I tried to vac with my sand filter- one swipe of the vac had me backwashing, there is SO much dead algae on the bottom! Thats not going to be an option! Am thinking of draining pool again- maybe to pump out the crud, thats a huge hit to my water bill tho...Anyone have another suggestion? Thanks in advance!

Posted:  9/7/2013 11:56 AM #26168
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Hi Sharon,

did you try to eleminate the algae by vacuum the pool with valve set to "waste". Move the cleaner very slowely. When the pump is switched off over night, the algae will set to the ground and can be sucked out. Have a chlorine level of 5-6 ppm for 3 days, pH 6,8-7,0.


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Posted:  12/14/2016 2:15 AM #26577
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Hi Sharon,

It would be good to do a chlorine shock on your pool to kills the algea.

Best to do it once a week too.

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