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Posted:  7/22/2015 3:33 PM #26436
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Subject: Pool Paint
Need to paint some flawed areas of pool. I understand that pool painting insn't generally recommended (vs full resurfacing), but the previous owners of the home I purchased resurfaced the (concrete) pool last by doing one of those fiberglass resurfacing jobs in the concrete pool. I'm not too informed on this process.

Anyway, there are areas where either the paint, or gelcoat are wearing away and exposing the fiberglass shell underneath. I want to paint these areas for the time being to conceal these ugly spots.

What type of paint do I need? How can I determine what type of paint they used previously? IF it's even paint at all, it might just the gelcoat..

Can you help recommend a product, because the guide on this site says:

"Determine the type of pool paint that is on the pool. You cannot paint a pool that has epoxy paint with rubber base paint or visa versa."

Click here for a small album of some pics.. http://imgur.com/a/XeBkg


Posted:  7/22/2015 5:25 PM #26437
Rob Cox
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It appears to be paint - gelcoat doesn't rub off like that, or show roller marks in thin spots.

Now, is it rubber or epoxy? The only way to be sure is to dissolve two paint chips, one into rubber paint solvent and one in epoxy paint solvent. The solvent that dissolves the chip is the paint that is used.

I think we sell both solvents, but you don't need 2 gallons of the stuff. Maybe a local paint store can help you out, if you take in a few paint chips to test.

Rob Cox

Posted:  7/31/2017 1:48 AM #26627
Michael Radcliffe
Clifton, IL
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Since there are three types of pool paints, you will need to find out the typr of painting used earlier. You can get the chip tested by your local paint or even check it yourself.

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