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Posted:  8/6/2016 7:39 PM #26531
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Subject: Can't get pump strainer cover off
We were having issues with air in the pump basket area, so my husband tried to get the strainer cover off. It has been difficult to get it off this year (it does get lubricated after each opening), but he was unable to get it off at all this time. He is a pretty strong guy and it is not moving. Any ideas?

Posted:  3/21/2017 8:58 AM #26598
Rob Cox
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Not at all unusual, opening the air relief bleeder on the filter can sometimes help. You can use a block of wood or large wrench to tap at the edges of the lid ring, if yours has tabs on the edge. Strap wrenches work well on jacuzzi style round rings, and large pliers can be used if you have old style locking knobs, to gently open.
Rob Cox

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