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Posted:  3/3/2017 8:23 PM #26591
Bloomfield Hills, MI
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Subject: Plaster experts, My clients sun shelf is chipping during the winter.
I have a client who has been with us for 8 years. He has a huge 50k pool with a sun shelf. We live in Michigan so standard practice is to drain below returns when closing. He has a mesh saftey cover and 3 years ago his shelf started to chip over the winter. We had the sun shelf replastered but last season it happened again. Is there any tricks or something I can do to prevent this? any suggestions would help, thanks

Posted:  3/4/2017 9:54 AM #26592
Rob Cox
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Hi, it's hard on plaster to be exposed to cold Michigan winters. I was going to suggest that you close it with the water level above the sun shelf. Place a Water Wizard or other automatic pump on a brick or paver on the shelf, and leave it plugged in, but... the water will freeze probably 6-8" thick in the coldest parts of winter so, that won't work, but if the shelf is 10-12" deep, you can do the same thing with the pump, but keep it higher, so the water level is just below the tile, and use the pump to keep it 2" below the tile, and out of the skimmers. A solid safety cover (no drain panels) would help control the water level more easily of course. Hope that helps, that's my two cents on the issue...
Rob Cox

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