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Posted:  5/31/2017 8:48 AM #26615
Terri B
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Subject: DE filter pressure up at night and back down in the morning

Opened pool 4 days ago for the season here in Virginia. Water is clear but what we call ' fluff dirt' is on bottom. Had pool since 1987 so am used to this and it takes a few days for it all to go away with daily brushing/filtering. I brush and after many hours the pressure starts to go up and when it gets to 21-22 in the evening I shut it down and know its time to backwash next morning but in the morning pressure is back down to normal reading of 11 and does not go back up unless I brush it and even then it takes many hours to start going up. This has happened every year when getting rid of the 'dirt' upon opening so thought it was time to ask about it. Just wondered why it goes back down and if this is harmful to the filter process?

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Posted:  5/31/2017 8:53 AM #26616
Rob Cox
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Hi Terry, what is happening is that the dirt is clogging the outer layer of the DE particles, which raises filter pressure. When the pump shuts off for some time, the DE layer begins to slough-off the grids, falling off to the bottom of the tank. When the pump starts again, the DE and dirt is all mixed up and reapplied to the grids, but without the water blocking outer layer. This extends the life of the de powder, and why we always say to not run a DE filter 24 hrs, but give it at least an hour off each day, to mix up the dirt/de.
Rob Cox

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