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Posted:  6/1/2017 8:50 AM #26618
Fleetwood, PA
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Subject: DE filter grids - water does not pass through
We ave an older model Jazzi filter system with straight grids. It seems that the water does not pass through the grids but collects inside which causes the system to shut down. We took the system apart and cleaned them with a hose. We put them in water to soak but no luck. Any suggestions?

Posted:  6/1/2017 11:42 AM #26619
Rob Cox
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Hi Petunia, could it be that the plumbing is backwards? Not likely unless there was a new multiport valve installed or something. The water should enter the tank at the bottom, and then be forced through the grids, where it is then pushed into the top manifold, and then into the standpipe,and out of the top bulkhead on the filter tank. You may try a DE filter cleaner on the grids, or soak in TSP to degrease, and a mild acid solution to remove mineral scale.
Rob Cox

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