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Posted:  6/22/2017 1:56 PM #26620
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Subject: Cast Away... In My Own Pool!!
So we recently built a new pool so I'm new to the whole scene. I decided to follow the fad and getting a tanning ledge (reef step). Well, once the ledge is built I realize I don't have any furniture. So I do some research and I find that the best in-pool furniture is the chaise from ledge lounger. I get the chaise, and I'm setting it up. You have to flip it over and fill the whole thing with water, no air bubbles. If you do it, you're fine and you're relaxing on the ledge. If you don't do it.... Then you face my same fate.

Being the lazy person I am, I did not even read the instructions. I just put the chair in the pool and tried to get on. After bobbing and bobbing, I float into the middle of my pool and flip over!! After I read the instructions, I made sure to get all the air bubbles out...

Posted:  2/7/2018 8:37 PM #26637
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Haha that's exactly what happened to my cousin. He's not big on reading the instructions either and kept flipping over and swearing the whole way through. Didn't help he had a beer in one hand when he slipped off the first time! I can't wait for my pool enclosure to get installed at our pad out by the beautiful rocky mountains. let me know if anyone else has gotten a retractable pool and if there's any nightmare stories to watch out for!

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