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Posted:  8/28/2017 11:30 AM #26635
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Subject: Polaris Pump - Hose Assembly vs. hard pipe
I recently had my flexible Polaris hose that connects to the discharge of the pump to the piping that runs to the pool become disconnected due to a failure of the clamp while running. To perform the repair quickly so my pool wouldn't turn green, I used 3/4" SCH40 PVC pipe and two elbows.

My question is this: Does the factory hose need to be installed for pump starting purposes? In other words, as soon as you start the Polaris pump, there will be a jolt in pressure and I am wondering if the hose and the sweeping bend is designed for this. I originally thought no because there is already some pressurized flow going through the Polaris pump while it is off, but just wanted to check with the forum to see if I need to revert back to the hose connection. I don't need another unintentional waterfall in my backyard!

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Posted:  1/8/2018 10:07 AM #26636
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Hi Sean, you can use hard PVC on a polaris booster pump, 3/4" MTA fittings, Polaris recommends 1.5" pipe actually, but you can use 3/4" or 1" PVC, to connect to a 1.5" pipe to go to the wall.

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