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Posted:  8/28/2017 11:30 AM #26635
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Subject: Polaris Pump - Hose Assembly vs. hard pipe
I recently had my flexible Polaris hose that connects to the discharge of the pump to the piping that runs to the pool become disconnected due to a failure of the clamp while running. To perform the repair quickly so my pool wouldn't turn green, I used 3/4" SCH40 PVC pipe and two elbows.

My question is this: Does the factory hose need to be installed for pump starting purposes? In other words, as soon as you start the Polaris pump, there will be a jolt in pressure and I am wondering if the hose and the sweeping bend is designed for this. I originally thought no because there is already some pressurized flow going through the Polaris pump while it is off, but just wanted to check with the forum to see if I need to revert back to the hose connection. I don't need another unintentional waterfall in my backyard!

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Posted:  1/8/2018 10:07 AM #26636
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Hi Sean, you can use hard PVC on a polaris booster pump, 3/4" MTA fittings, Polaris recommends 1.5" pipe actually, but you can use 3/4" or 1" PVC, to connect to a 1.5" pipe to go to the wall.

Posted:  3/15/2019 12:36 PM #26657
Tony M
Los Angeles
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Recommended plumbing configurations.

Use rigid PVC pipe with a minimum

diameter of 3/4”, 1-1/2” is recommended, for

the dedicated return line. Flexible PVC piping

is not recommended as it can be damaged

by expansion and movement caused by the

surge of pump pressure. Poly pipe is not recommended because it has clamps that can

fail. The booster pump inlet connection line

should be at least 3/4” pipe. The Softube®

quick connect is designed to work

with the Polaris reinforced hose

(part #P19) only. Do not tap into the top of a horizontal line. Use 90° street ells to minimize bends and

loops in the Polaris reinforced hose.

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