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Posted:  5/25/2018 6:02 PM #26648
Chicago, IL
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Subject: Old Steel Sided Pool, has rust, may need a rebuild
I'm looking for recommendations.
I have an Inground Pool with a concrete bottom, and the old steel-sided walls that occasionally rust. (the pool itself holds 35,000 gallons)
It's been fun, but in 2013 I had to grind off the rust, resurface, and repait.
There was a lot of rust along the seams of the steel walls, but overall, I think they are quite thick.
However, during the last winter, with the cover on, the water level seemed to drop quite a bit, which may indicate a leak.

Even if I grind, and resurface, and paint - this is a recurring problem.

Every pool salesman in the world, will offer me a "Liner" - but I'm not sure I have the proper edging to successfully install a liner, and hold it in place.

I have a preference for DIY solutions - because, Lord Knows, this pool has needed them.
Beyond that, spending $25K for something - if it doesn't work out, is just going to piss me off.
I have quite a bit of sweat equity to offer, and I'm good at finding workers and I know where the local industrial Pool Supply outlet is. Since I'm in Chicago, there's Halogen and a few other as well.
I can also Hire, if there's a qualified vendor, who can solve my problem, within budget.
I'm sure a great vendor can do many things beyond my capabilities.

So I'm considering what I can do to resurface, or shore up the sides.
Or blow in another waterproof layer altogether.
Or install a Liner, if it would even be possible with this pool. (note: nothing at all is wrong with the bottom)
or ____ Add your suggestions here ?? ____

Bonus Points, if you can suggest:
a great rust inhibitor
any general Pool solutions
suggestions for cracked concrete - as shown in the last pictures

I gathered a number of Photos - so I can share this year's Pool Blues with the community, in hope of some good support and ideas. Thank you So Much, for your suggestions, in advance; I do appreciate it.

See the link for the Pool photo gallery -
and each picture will have scroll arrows - to the Left - and to the Right if you hover on the sides.
( thin photos have the scroll arrows too - they are just in a different place, so move mouse to the side of photo )

http://mysrv.info/Pool_2018/Pool_1805.htm l
thanks again

Posted:  5/27/2018 5:00 PM #26649
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Hi Webguy, the first thought that comes to me is to use fiberglass panels or plastic panels that can be glued and screwed over the existing walls, and painted over, to serve as a rust barrier.

You could also have the walls fiberglassed and gelcoated - there are companies in Chicago that do this - but I would avoid doing the floor, wall panels only.

I would not try a liner, it won't fit the floor well, and the rust on the walls will bleed through the liner soon enough.

For a rust inhibitor, how about Naval Jelly - do they still sell that? Clean it up and more paint? Won't stop it forever, but slows the rust. Or the conversion paint - isn't there a paint that converts rust to something else, or stops the rusting?... can't recall it...


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