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Posted:  7/13/2018 5:06 AM #26655
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Subject: Swimming Pool Filter Pump

The flow of water through my pool filter is getting slower and slower. The gauge on the multiport valve shows a pressure of only 0.5 bar, down half a bar from a month or two ago. If there was a blockage I would expect the indicted pressure to rise. A pool "expert" had a look and reckoned the gauge was faulty. Only charged €15 for his visit. However, the pressure of the water from the jets is also noticeably less than it was. We are also getting a higher build up of dust etc on the bottom and have to clean the bottom every two or three days now. I did think this was due to the dusty track behind the house, but not so sure. The obvious guess would be a failing pump but don't want to change it unnecessarily if there is a different, and cheaper, resolution. Backwashing etc doesn't solve it. Any suggestions?

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Posted:  7/13/2018 8:18 AM #26656
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Hi John, when filter pressure is higher than normal, that indicates a dirty filter or other obstruction after the filter. When pressure is lower than normal, that indicates an obstruction BEFORE the filter, usually a clogged impeller, or clogged pump basket, or clogged plumbing lines, collapsed flex pipe skimmer lines, closed suction side valves, etc. If air is noticed in the system, lower pressure can be a result of an air leak, again and always before the pump impeller, and usually a loose pump lid or loose pipe coming into the pump.

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