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Posted:  5/25/2006 11:09 PM #4703
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Subject: zeolite vs sand
I just change my sand in my sand filter to zeo sand. Has anyone else made the change, and if so is there anything else i need to do or watch for after changing to new zeo sand.

Posted:  5/28/2006 1:29 PM #4704
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I just had my old (5 yrs) sand replaced with the Zeo sand and I'm not sure I did the right thing. For the past three days the pool has been clouded such that I can't see bottom. The tech did backwash after he replaced the sand [to get rid of the fine dust], but that obviously did not work. The filter has run at least 30 hours with little, if any, effect.

Pool chemistry is normal and I even performed another backwash this AM. I'll have to wait to see if that had any real effect. I expect to hear back from the service company first thing Monday morning, but I'm not sure what my options are at this point. The junk is in the pool and the filter does not seem capable of removing it on its own. If anyone has a suggestion, please offer up.

Posted:  5/28/2006 2:24 PM #4705
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Just as a personal opinion, I have some doubts about the viability of zeo sand (or zeolite) as a replacement for sand......there seems to be continuing questions about its performance.
In any case, try a flocculant (probably alum-based) available from your pool store to agglomerate the particles clouding the water. This should allow removal by vacuuming/filtration.


Posted:  5/29/2006 7:47 PM #4706
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Your initial backwash after zeolite is a long one. It sometimes takes 15 minutes to backwash it thoroughly. If not backwashed enough, it will cloud the pool for a few days.
One more thing thats not stressed enough on install, the zeolite must be soaked at the end of a season in a salt solution to remove attached particles.

Posted:  6/20/2006 12:10 PM #4707
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I am guessing my pool is cloudy because maybe I have to replace the sand in my filter. BUT, before I do this, do you guys think I should add a Floculant first to see if that solves my problem. I've been to the pool store a few times to have my water tested and each time they say my water is just right. So, I'm assuming that if my water is chemically balanced, then the cloudiness will be cleared up if I had some Floculant or change the sand in my filter.

If I decide to change the sand, how easy is it to change? My multi-port valve is at the top. There are also 3 pipes connected to the top of my filter, attached below the Multi-Port valve. I'm guessing I need to unscre the top and also unscrew the other pipes. What is the consensus on which is a better sand replacement....Seolyte or using the #20 Sica Sand.

Thanks in advance.

Posted:  6/20/2006 11:04 PM #4708
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Zeolite is being pushed at the new ''wonder product'for sand filters. It does have small pores in it that are on the order of 3 microns but water is going to take the path of least resistance which will be around the grains and not through them so the filtering ability over sand is probably only marginal at best. It's main difference from sand is in it's ability to chemically bind ammonia. It has been used as a filter medium in auquarims for many years for this reason so it is possible it might help keep the level of chloramines lower. If you are using a Salt Water Generator then this effect most likely will not occur since salt releases the ammonia from the zeolite, which is why it is not used in salt water aquariums...A salt solution is used to regenerate zeolite used in pool filters for this reason also.
Knowledge and a few minutes a day will keep your water in top shape.

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